Pula's Underground Tunnels

Resident Advisor opened Pula’s forgotten tunnels for a party last summer.


Last summer, Resident Advisor, one of the world’s revered electronic music platforms, offered a no-frills raving experience in a rarely explored environment that’s to be seen to be believed. Opening up Pula’s tunnels to festival goers, with a ‘first ever’ underground outing, they brought a hand-curated selection of the electronic elite to spin, select and shake Pula to the core.

A truly underground, intimate experience, beneath the eyes of the outside world, the Zerostrasse parties extended the already massive offering from four days at Fort Punta Christo and the Opening Concert.

Built during WW1 for shelter from air raids, the tunnels join the dots between the heart of the city to Pula’s fortresses and military grounds. Reinforced as atomic shelters following WWII by the Yugoslav Army, this complex historic network holds secrets untold, beckoning in explorers from afar.


Check out the line-up from the parties in Pula’s tunnels 2018 below

Party #1:

Party #2: