Creative Development Project

This year at Dimensions Festival we’re introducing a Creative Development Project which will showcase, support and promote collectives and individuals with a passion for photo and video. We’re asking any photographers and videographers already joining us to document this year’s festival in their own individual and creative way for an opportunity to win exclusive prizes and become part of our international creative team.

Terms & Conditions: We will go through all photos and edits retrospectively and select an individual/collective we’re most impressed with to become part of our core creative team. All images and edits submitted are done so with the agreement that these can be shared via Dimensions Festival and our partner networks.

We’re keen to find new creative collectives and individuals to work with for 2020, with the aim of having people join us at next year’s festival as part of the core team and feature in a number of projects across the year.

• £500 creative grant up for grabs

• Access to headliner for portrait shoot for 2020

• Flown out to be part of 2020 core team with full stage access for the festival and more.


Photo: We’re asking participants to deliver a selection of 30 hi-res, edited shots shared with us post festival. These can be taken on any format be it DSLR, iPhone, film etc and in a style we leave to you, whether this be a series of portraits, abstract features, hero shots etc and will be showcased on our website and social channels following the festival, including all relevant tags and links. See examples below.






Hero Shots:

Sunset/Stage overview:



Video: Provide a 1 minute video edit following the festival, highlighting the events taking place this year. The format is completely open to creativity, whether a fly-on-the-wall documentary style piece or as a series of performance based clips etc with the opportunity to have these shared on our Youtube and Facebook channels. See examples below.


Video Portrait Series:

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