DIM125 – Richard Fearless (Death In Vegas)

Dimensions Mix Series

Richard Fearless’s fingerprints are permanently engrained on the electronic music scene of the last 25 years. As Black Acid, Dead Elvis, Death In Vegas and under his solo name, Fearless has formed rock bands, written with Liam Gallagher, crossed genres boundaries and been ever present whilst inevitably remaining difficult to categorise. From headlining festivals to running his Drone label most recently, which has seen some impeccable music from himself and talent he’s supporting, Fearless has been, well, Fearless.

As a DJ over the last few decades, we’ve witnessed Richard carve a niche that operates around new wave, techno, electro and a more industrial, and futuristic-dystopian take on electronic sounds. He’s versatile but retains an edge that’s always a little uncomfortable and sinister. Here we hear him in a slightly more direct mode than we might normally, with a techno mix which aims more squarely at the dancefloor…however, the edge remains!

This mix is also available to stream at Mixcloud.

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