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We’re pleased to announce a new addition to the DJ Directory family. Emily Hill AKA MLE is part of the team behind Rhythm Section and International Black, keeping things ticking over at the labels and helping to curate their regular club nights. As a DJ and radio host she holds down residencies on South London’s Balamii and Noods in Bristol, and can also be found working behind the counter at Soho vinyl institution, Sounds of the Universe.

With this mix we get a small insight into her love of weird party bangers and her natural ability to get a party started. With talent and dedication in abundance, her growth as an artist and selector show no signs of stopping anytime soon. Catch her alongside other DJ Directory crew at this year’s festival as part of the last dance in Fort Punta Christo.


Q&A with MLE

Can you tell us a little about this mix?

I wanted this mix to be reflective of the different styles that I play – I tried to make it cohesive and travel through the sounds of some of my talented friends. There’s a few bumps across the board but I think it just adds to the character and the journey of all the different moods these sounds create and how I choose to represent them. Starting with kind of abstract slow stuff to EBM and percussive-y beats-y techno-y stuff ending on a spoken word piece that I really wanted to incorporate because not only is it over a great beat, it’s a really powerful message.

This mix is also available to stream via Mixcloud.


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What was it recorded on, and where?

I recorded this at home – I’m very fortunate to have a home set up – I used to do my mixes at the RS office but it was really depressing leaving work at 11pm!

Who would you say are your biggest role models or most influential to you or your sound in the industry?

I really started to get into electronic music through the bass scene and its really started to make me explore my sound a bit more, making me much more fluid in what I play alongside the electro & EBM I love. I would say anu has been a huge inspiration for taking risks and showing me how to be a wicked and fearless selector  but sound wise I’m not sure I think that I’m still trying to discover my own path but its more down to what I like to listen too and how I try and make it reflective of me..

Where is your favourite place to play out in London?

I had the best time playing at Rye Wax with Happa and 96 Back in February – all around cool basement vibes

Is there anywhere you’d most like to play? Venue, country, festival?

I would love to play at De School in Amsterdam – its such a cool venue – but genuinely anywhere in the Netherlands!

Who are you most looking forward to catching at Dimensions this summer?

I’m super excited to see SPFDJ & Jane Fitz!

If you could anyone guest on your radio show with you, who would it be?

DJ Overdose! Such wicked beat-maker

What does 2019 have in store for you, anything you’re most looking forward to?

I’m really excited to be playing my first couple of festivals! I played for the second time abroad this year too and I’m really excited to hopefully do more of that. Meeting new people and seeing new places whilst getting to do something your passionate about is really amazing. But in more work terms – hosting more international black parties with some exciting guests… TBA

We’ll look out for that…lastly – are there any collectives or institutions you’d like to shout out to?

Shout out to Sounds of the Universe family and RS team + BZP – also to the 5 boys I live with at the moment – cheers for all the support. 

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