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Meet the duo that dig deeper...

Champagne Funk are the duo that dig deeper. Consisting of Bryce’s Brother and Dique, the two DJs are known for exploring a rich tapestry of sounds from post-punk to UK Street Soul, Chicago House and beyond with selections both sophisticated and funky. In addition to playing parties across the country, the pair also hold down a residency on South London radio station Balamii.

In this mix as part of our DJ Directory series, the pair explore the weirder side of their collection: a mix of old and new but all in a similar vein of dark, twisted chug. The more experimental sounds of the left-field heavily influence the mix, yet it’s underpinned with that trademark Champagne Funk groove. Dig in.

The mix is also available to stream via Mixcloud.

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Q&A with Champagne Funk



Tell us about this mix:

This mix explores the weirder side of our collection, a mix of old and new but all in a similar vein ;dark, twisted chug. The mix has been influenced by listening to acts such as ESG , Martin DuPont, Golden Teacher, Lord Tusk, Lolina – all very weird/left field music but still with undeniable groove.

Where was it recorded and on what?

Theo’s room, on 2 technics 1210’s and 2 CDJs 2000’s (pictured to the right)

How did the two of you meet, and come about working together under Champagne Funk?

We met in Birmingham ,  became friends in LA, started DJing together in London

What is “the sound” of Champagne Funk would you say, and how does it differ from when you both play on your own?

It varies , we’d probably say there’s two sides of us; sleazy downtempo funk & weird/wonderful suicide punk.

Who would you say are your biggest role models or most influential to you/your sound in the industry and why?

(Dique) – Dad , pretty much stole his record collection he had no use for. Got my eyes on my uncles.

Alexander Nut is where it started for us, I’d say his Rinse show was probably the first show that made us want to start DJing and one of the first contemporary electronic labels we really loved. Which lead us to ‘Spacek’ , true OG.

Volcov & Andrew Weatherall , as DJ’s, label heads and all round humble dons, they are people who inspire us.

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Photo: Rob Jones (@hirobjones)

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What’s been your most proud accomplishment you’ve achieved as Champagne Funk? Or is there anything specifically you would you like to achieve?

Body of Work – We ran a film series in 2017 giving an intimate insight into the musical works of our favourite bands. The video series features exclusive live performances woven with interviews that reveal the inspirations, themes and processes behind their music.

More recently we started a night focused on live electronic performance as we feel we don’t see enough of them for smaller acts (well the ones we want to see).  Should have some really interesting bookings for 2019…

We’ll keep an eye out for those! Where is your favourite place to play out in London, or further afield?

Corsica Room 2 is always fun..

(Bryce’s Brother) Terz in Dresden – playing b2b with Sean OD from 3am-7am at a 24 hour party in this purpose built venue was pretty dope.

Is there anywhere you’d most like to play? Venue, country, festival?

Unsound Festival, Atlas Electronic, Lente Kabinet (dreamland). 

If you could anyone guest on your radio show with you, who would it be?

Weird side: Bufiman. Sleazy side: Toyin Agbetu

What does 2019 have in store for Champagne Funk, anything you’re most looking forward to?

We are playing at a couple festivals; Cosmic Roots, Dimensions, We Out Here…We are throwing a party in May at The Waiting Room with Mystic Jungle & Gary Gritness, more details to follow.

Are there any collective & institutions you’d like to shout out to:

(D)Honest Johns is an institution we really respect, they see through trendy…they focus on music that’s timeless, across such a wide expansive sound; jazz, reggae, dub, techno and it’s all great music.

(BB) Big up to the following for promoting and releasing some cool shit; Anu, Altered Soul Experiment, Customs, Winds & Skins, Heel & Souls, Maxwell Owin,  MIC , Touching Bass, Scenic Route, IDWT, Lorenzo, Tiff Joints & Zakia. 

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