DIM112 – CPSmith

Dimensions Mix Series

As the head of the visionary Central Processing Unit label, CPSmith has been responsible for breathing an incredible new lease of life into the British electronic landscape over the last five years. The Sheffield label’s identifiable sound, along with its stark and beautiful visual design has ensured that CPU has confirmed its place in the already rich musical history of the Steel City.

The label forges forward into ever new, futuristic, sonic territories whilst continuing to pay tribute to the influences of the past. This is most evident in Smith’s own meticulous studio rebuilds of Detromental’s “Move” and “Rewind” tracks, highly sought after bleep & bass techno classics from the early nineties. From Neil Landstrum to Annie Hall and DMX Krew to Jensen Interceptor the label’s roster of artists demonstrates Smith’s incredible A&R abilities and explains just why the label has become so influential.

Here CPSmith drops a mix that is full of those recognisable CPU sounds and is packed full of energy, showing that Smith is as comfortable on the turntables as he is in the studio…

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