DIM111 – The Exaltics

Dimensions Mix Series

For mix number 111 in the Dimensions Mix Series, we’re arriving with something very special indeed.

Combining FX and synth work alongside unreleased material, we’re proud to present an extremely rare mix from The Exaltics. Mysterious, understated and prolific, Robert Witschakowski has, through his Exaltics moniker, alongside Nico Jagiella, as Crotapyhtus and alongside Gerald Donald as Project STS-31, pushed the boundaries of the electro form as far as almost any artist alive today. Through his Solar One label and his numerous productions he stands as one of the most important figures in the scene – a pinnacle he’s reached without hype or gimmicky approaches to self promotion. In the next 60 minutes you’ll hear exactly why The Exaltics reputation is so deserved as he delivers a mix that is undeniably his own.

Featuring The Exaltics, Dopplereffekt, Urban Tribe aka Dj Stingray, Elecktroids and many more – Buckle up!

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