DIM123 – Darkhouse Family

Dimensions Mix Series

Darkhouse Family first appeared back in 2010 with their bleepy, hip-hop on the Family Trees EP for the Manchester institution, Fat City. Since then they have released a relatively limited but immaculately considered output which amalgamates clear influences from their pasts with a thirst for the sounds of the future. The result is a catalogue of music that will undeniably stand the test of time and their album, The Offering which dropped at the end of 2017 on the ever amazing, First Word Records is a premium example of this.

Alongside their DHF output, Earl Jeffers and Don Leisure (as their mother’s probably don’t call them) have also each maintained individual release schedules of their own which amount to dozens of records, taking in drum n bass, hip hop, techno, house, funk, disco and more. This may explain their ability to thread together a sound which will appeal to a huge number of people in an authentic and unforced way…episode 123 in the Dimensions mix series demonstrates this to a tee and will inevitably show you why we are so excited to see them in Croatia this summer as they mix afro influences, broken beat, unreleased remixes and more into a classic in the series.

This mix is also available to stream at Mixcloud.

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