IOM x Dimensions Mix Competition

Winner announced...

This year we partnered with Identification of Music: the online community that leaves no track unidentified, to discover a new wave of talent.

To win their own set at Dimensions 2019, entrants were tasked with creating a mix with the Ballroom stage in mind. The heart of the fort, The Ballroom is by far one of the most unique on-site. A mere 80 capacity, it’s a firm favourite with artists and revellers alike…

Congratulations to Ian DPM who provided an incredible mix, we look forward to having you join us at the festival.

Don’t just take our word for it, listen back to his winning mixtape below.

Ian has won:

1x Ballroom DJ Set at Dimensions Festival 2019

2x Dimensions Festival ticket

2x Opening Concert ticket

1x Mixcloud Prime membership (1 year)

2x Boat Party ticket

2x Tunnel Party ticket

2x Dimensions t-shirt

1x Weekend camping pass (for two people – tent not included)

We were been blown away by the number of entrants and the quality of the mixes, a big thank everyone who took the time to enter. It was very tough to narrow down our finalists this year and ended up with ten runners up instead of five. Each of them have also received a free ticket to this year’s festival. To celebrate their standout mixes, we picked one attention-grabbing song from their mix & asked them:

“Why does this song mean ‘Dimensions’ or ‘Ballroom’ to you?”

1.  Chille Jnr

Ebi – Kai (1994)

“This song means Dimensions to me because it’s a mixture of many quality music elements such as acid, techno, house just like Dimensions itself.
It’s from the ‘romantic’ time when music was more about feeling and not just industry or business driven, again, just like Dimensions.

Moreover, this song is perfect for listening in open air spaces.”

2. Kiia

Ludwig A.F. Röhrscheid – Firefly

“It was so hard to pick just one song to be honest but I think it has to be Ludwig A F Rohrscheid – Firefly. It happens fairly early on in my mix but definitely sets a change in tone for the tracks going forward. It’s got a real summery vibe and to me always indicates that things are about to get a little deeper. Perfect for those Croatian summer time evenings.” 

3. Ian DPM

General Ludd- Garimpos

“This tune is one of my favourites to play with because it’s a killer track by itself but it’s also versatile enough to work with anything you put around it, no matter the genre or energy. It’s dynamic, unpredictable and can’t be easily defined. Like Dimensions I guess!”

4. Tom Jay

Aaron Arce – Pressure

“A solid track on Dub-A-Records from 1997 – Proper happy day-time vibes here, evoking warm feelings of dancing in the open air sun, feeling a bit weird, with the bouncy energy needed to lift a party, in the day or night.” 

5. Eksish

Shcaa – An Ungrateful Death

“The combination of the vocals, guitar & mind bending rhythm, really makes this track stand out. Dimensions is about pushing boundaries to make people’s lives and tastes more exciting and fulfilling, & there isn’t a better place to hear this track than one of the most unique stages on-site – The Ballroom.”

6. Bek

Emerson – Sending All My Love Out 

“It was the punchy, energetic opener that I needed to start the mix with, and this track encapsulates Dimensions perfectly; strong vocals that honour the incredible live performances across the festival, coupled with euphoric, rising synths and a relentless energy that has become synonymous with the Ballroom stage.”

7. Swins

Escape Artist – Signs of Life

“Dimensions last year was very inspiring for me,  finding a new love for breaks and electro. I picked this record up not long after and It’s been in pretty much every set i’ve played since. It would only feel right to include this track in my set in the ballroom.”

8. Benedict Priddy

Overmono – Catapult 


“Dimensions to me is a literal fort from all the noise of the outside world which I felt this track reflected euphorically. The vocals to me reflect everyone that’s passed through the fort, and to me is a really fitting homage track as the last Dimensions festival in the Fort Punta.”

9. Jessie Belters

Breaka – Puffer Jackets (Desert Sound Colony remix) 

“This track makes me think of Dimensions Ballroom because it’s captivating and bass heavy, which would sound great within those stone walls, yet it’s also smooth, deep and hypnotic. More suited to the classier Ballroom setting rather than say the ruthless Moat. It’s perfect for closing your eyes and experiencing transcendence within the circular open-air dungeon under the stars of the Croatian night sky.”

10. Luke Machine Roberts 

Magnifique –  XXX

“People of all nations dancing together” – sums up Dimensions in my opinion and is what I would hope to see on the Ballroom dance floor!

Congratulations to our 10 finalists, who will all receive a ticket to Dimensions 2019: our final year in the Fort. 

Thanks again to everyone entered.

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