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The Irish collective dedicated to the hard techno sound...

Hailing from Ireland but based everywhere from London to Berlin to India: MOTZ are an online techno magazine and collective of DJs and writers. 

Ahead of their performance at this year’s Dimensions, where MOTZ’s Jasmine Azarian will be playing on our main Clearing stage with the techno elite, and resident DJs will be helping make the Last Dance a send-off to remember, we linked up with the collective to learn more…

Can you tell us a little about the MOTZ collective and how you came to be?

Jasmine: I always wanted to start an online music platform so I had some time on my hands after I graduated in 2016. I was living in Berlin at the time and I reached out to my friends who I thought would be a good dynamic for MOTZ. It’s evolved from an online magazine to events & label too. MOTZ is techno from a female perspective. 

Niamh: Yeah Jasmine reached out to me about 3 years ago to see if I wanted to get on board with MOTZ. We used to DJ in Dublin together before that and stayed in touch after she moved to Berlin and I moved to London. I was delighted to do something creative again outside of my boring retail job, it gave me a huge boost in confidence. There’s six of us now in MOTZ as well as Jas and myself; Stef, Elly, Meadbh and Georgia (who will play at our Dimensions pre-party as Ôneyra (click image below for more info)) and they’re all extremely creative and talented in their own ways.

MOTZ members are based everywhere from London to Berlin to India, but it’s Ireland that links you. What is it about the current state of Irish techno music that gets you excited?  

Jasmine: There are great exports from Ireland like Sunil Sharpe (interview below), Eomac etc. that are very exciting artists and a lot of homegrown talent that are rising. 5 years ago there wasn’t much techno around so it’s really great to see techno flourishing in the motherland. 

Niamh: There’s so much talent from Ireland right now it’s ridiculous, Boiler Room just covered ELLLL, Cailín, George Feely, Tommy Holohan and Kettama who are just the tip of the iceberg in terms of talented Irish artists – Holly Lester and Long Island Sound spring to mind as artists making a name for themselves, and Irish producers like Doug Cooney and Jamie Behan are also lit at the moment. 

In the run-up to the festival, we’re delighted to be partnering up for a Dublin party with yourselves and Irish duo Clouds. What can we expect from the combo of Clouds x MOTZ?

Jasmine: I’ve played with Clouds a couple of times and they always deliver. They coincide with our what we represent at MOTZ. Unpretentious fun and good tunes.

Niamh: Clouds are just gas to be honest, they went a bit trancey at The Cause last time which went down well, they’re full of surprises I don’t know what to expect in Dublin. Should be colourful to say the least.

What else have MOTZ got in store for the summer in the lead up to the festival?

Jasmine: Our turbo decent minty fresh event with Clouds/ Dimensions party. Lash on that sun screen cos it’s gonna be a hot one. 

Niamh: Yeah our Dublin event is very exciting for us, it’s mad that this will be our first time in Dublin for a MOTZ event! Howiye. 

Grab tickets for our Dublin event with MOTZ: HERE

And join the collective for The Last Dance this summer. Tickets Here. 

This will be MOTZ’s first year at Dimensions, what elements are you most looking forward to experiencing at the Fort?

Jasmine: It’s history and the fact it’s going to be the last one there. There’s nothing better than listening to bangers in a beautiful surrounding. 

Niamh: I’m looking forward to playing outside in a warm weather. I’m a big sap when it comes to sunsets combined with good tunes. I’m happiest in a forest somewhere with tunes on the go which is basically what Dimensions is but with beaches and a lake, even better really.

This summer you’ll be appearing alongside the likes of Jeff Mills, Octave One and Nina Kraviz on our main Clearing Stage. Are they artists that you look up to/have inspired you in your career?

Jasmine: Christ yes! Bleerin’ Jeff Mills is an absolute wizard. I saw him with the orchestra a couple of years back and it was LIT. He smashed out the bells twice ahaha. Nina is an inspiration, she’s been smashing it for years! She gets a lot of hate but she doesn’t seem to batter an eyelid at it and I commend her for that.

Niamh: I absolutely adore Nina Kraviz her taste in music is utter madness. I love how she throws curveballs left, right and centre as in she always plays crusty Woody McBride and Marc Acardipane records in her sets but still incorporates new and obscure material from her label, covering so many sounds and just creating an absolute rabbit hole.  It’s such an experience listening to her play, she’s just great. Jeff Mills and Octave One are obviously amazing as well but I am buzzing for Nina.

Who else are you hoping to catch at Dimensions this year? 

Jasmine: SPFDJ, Helena Hauff & Alienata. 

Niamh: Alienata as I love her track selections, Skee Mask because he’s such an enigma, FOLD people from London because they’re great fun and loads more like Helena Hauff, SPFDJ, Blawan, and our own Maedbh O’ Connor from MOTZ as well, Limerick represent!!!!!

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