Get to know: Exit Records

The seminal label that's been an essential fixture at Dimensions since the beginning...

“True to the craft since 2003”, Exit Records has been at the forefront of electronic music from the off, known for constantly pushing the envelope in terms of aesthetic and execution.

We’ve had the pleasure of welcoming the label every year to the Fort, where they’ll held truly memorable nights in our Subdub (then Mungo’s) Arena, to bass-heavy boat parties out on the Adriatic. True mainstays of the festival, as we approach our final year at the Fort, we invited label boss dBridge and voice of the label, SP:MC to reflect on 8 years of Exit at Dimensions…

Exit have been a fixture of Dimensions since the very beginning. Looking back at your involvement over the years – what are some standout memories/highlights?

dBridge: There’s been many standout moments for me, we’ve had many great acts playing on our stage. Personally one of my favourites was Consequence. It’s known as the big-balls set at Exit. It reinforced what I always enjoy about Dimensions; that the crowd are open and enjoy good music regardless of genre.

SP:MC: Exit @ Dimensions is always a highlight of my year – so many good memories honestly. Some special sets with dBridge & Skeptical in particular – also getting to share the mic with GQ is always an honour. The boat parties never disappoint either!

Have there been any discoveries [DJ or artist you hadn’t heard of / experienced before] or stand out sets you’ve experienced at Dimensions?

SP:MC: Not a discovery, but I remember catching a great set by Martyn a few years back!

dBridge: I think watching Skeptical grow as a producer and DJ over the years has been a highlight for me.

As we celebrate our last year at the Fort, what will you miss most about the site?

SP:MC: The stage we’ve been lucky enough to play on every year – Mungo’s (now SubDub Arena). For me it’s just about perfect in every way – I guess you can get 400 in there at a squeeze, so big enough to build a good atmosphere, but still feel intimate. great sound due to the dub systems and the high walls of the fort. 

dBridge: Our own private tunnel at the back of the stage, which you’ve closed off the last couple years…

  Who else are you hoping to catch at the festival this year?

SP:MC: Children of Zeus, Commodo & the Hessle crew if possible!

dBridge: Anderson .Paak. I had tickets to see him in Antwerp and I somehow managed to miss it, and Stingray. 

Is there a certain song you think of when thinking of Dimensions – or songs that always go down well at the festival?

SP:MC: Too many to narrow down to one I’m afraid!

dBridge: That’s hard. I’ll get back to you.

This year Exit are back within Subdub (formerly Mungo’s) Arena with the crew, what is special about the space that makes you come back year after year?

SP:MC: Mungos Hifi and now Sinai care about the quality of the sound – they give us such a great platform to do our thing! Having a good balanced sound system make our job a lot easier…

dBridge: Firstly the sound and secondly the sound. The Mungo’s crew had that area dialed in, They had to with us and Malas crew in there. Now Sinai have taken over where Mungo’s left off and kept up the quality level. It’s just a joy to play in that space.

What are your five essential tracks for the fort this summer?

dBridge: I never go in with a plan of what to play. But I feel like it might be a good time to play some of the defining releases from Exit over the 10 years we’ve been there. Might save that for the boat.

 What have Exit got in store for the summer, in the lead up to Dimensions 2019?

dBridge: More music from me. Blackpocket, Gantz, and I’ve signed a lot of new acts so I’m excited about that.


This year Exit Records join us for their annual stage takeover in the Subdub, along with a now sold-out Boat Party.

Join them at the Last Dance. 


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