Will Lister

Balamii / Joy In Repetition / Phonica Records

At only 22, Will Lister is fast becoming a name on everyone’s lips. With a unique production style and DJ sets to match, he’s an artist you’ll sure be hearing more from over the coming months. His debut EP on the international Phonica Records imprint has laid the eminent groundwork for an exciting future.

Not one to be pinned down to any strict style, his music ranges from spacey and soaring to dark and driving, including creating landscapes of sound with the use of samples and synths. Influences from hip hop, jazz and balearic music, amongst others, are all evident in his productions. Lister also holds down a show on South London’s Balamii Radio, encapsulating “As a DJ, no two sets are the same”. Lots of new music also on the Horizon, stay tuned.


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