RAMBOIAGE was a resident dj at the most famous club in Lisbon LUX FRAGIL, place he left to be artistic director of Brunch Electronik in Lisbon in 2016. In 2010 he splits a 12 inch record with Danny Krivit in a white label. In 2011 Ramboiage release “Pretty Baby” on the london label SCUCCI MANUCCI who was supported by names like Soulclap, Tim Sweeny, Faze Action, MCDE amoung others.

In 2012 he release a new 12″ EP on LOVE MONK from Madrid with 3 original tracks and did also a track for a compilation released by CASINO DE LISBOA. He is back with a new EP in 2014 “Dancer” on Dead Montion Records. Ramboiage sign 2 EP´s with the German label AUDAZ in 2015.

He has been Djing all arround the world, places like New York, Los Angeles, City of Mexico, Berlin, Munich, Strasbourg, Luanda, Madrid, London, Barcelona, Amsterdam to name some of the citys.
He plays often in Portuguese summer festivals like Nos Alive, Festival Sudoeste, Super Bock Super Rock and Rock In Rio Lisboa.


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