Heels & Souls

Pat and Ben have been quietly going about their Heels & Souls project for the last 3 years now, throwing quality non-for-profit parties around the capital with the emphasis on eclectic DJ’s and interesting spaces. Through this they’re gaining recognition as talented DJ’s in their own right, releasing podcasts for Test Pressing and Ransom Note, making waves on the festival circuit and regularly playing around London; everything from audiophile haunts, to the capitals radio stations and now more regularly clubs to boot. Style wise the pair are as comfortable selecting jazz and soul as they are at seamlessly blending boogie, Italo, proto-house, electro and whatever else finds it’s way into their collections. As they’ve developed musically, so too has Heels & Souls’s fundraising initiative grown in scope and scale, tasking themselves with raising £5,000 for the inspirational, music based, mental health charity Key Changes by the end of the year.

Read more about Key Changes, H&S’s fundraising initiative, plus donate to the cause here: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/heels-souls


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