Champagne Funk


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Champagne Funk consist of Bryce’s Brother and Dique, the two DJs are known for exploring a rich tapestry of sounds from Latin Jazz to London Bruk, Chicago House and beyond with selections that are as sophisticated as a bottle of Dom Pérignon and as funky as congealed chicken grease.

In addition to playing parties across the country, the pair also hold down a residency on South London radio station Balamii, and recently ventured behind the camera with their new Body of Work series, capturing intimate performances from artists like On the Corner’s Collocutor and Banoffee Pies’ Ishmael Ensemble. With more episodes featuring a wide variety of talent currently in the works and a host of new DJ bookings lined up, Champagne Funk’s stock is looking set to rise even further.


View their Body Of Work series here.


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